Portfolio Management

As portfolio managers, our job is not to speculate on market outcomes with your money.  That would be  gambling.  Our role as advisor is to focus on the portfolio actions that can be controlled, and will add value to RoseCap clients with certainty.  

These include:

  1. Minimizing Taxes
  2. Minimizing Fees
  3. Managing Risk

As a CPA owned firm that provides portfolio management, RoseCap places great emphasis on the tax efficiency of client portfolios.  We limit fees for clients by performing the portfolio management service as part of our investment advisory fee. This prevents layering of fees that clients might experience when their investment advisor “outsources” the portfolio management decisions through the use of active mutual funds, sub‐advisors, and/or separately managed accounts (SMAs). Not only does this save clients money, but this allows RoseCap to have better control over the risk management and tax efficiency of our client portfolios.


RoseCap Investment Philosophy

RoseCap Financial’s investment philosophy revolves around the use of unbiased, peer‐reviewed, financial research to support the “best interest” of the client. Please click on the link above for summary bullet points from RoseCap’s general investment philosophy.