Financial Planning

Our approach to financial planning is all about helping you make the right financial decisions for your future. The first step in our financial planning process is to understand your financial goals. Once that is accomplished, everything we do thereafter is about giving you the highest probability of achieving those financial goals. This is our mission statement. RoseCap Financial is unique because of the heavy involvement of CPAs in our

Portfolio Management

As portfolio managers, our job is not to speculate on market outcomes with your money. That would be gambling. Our role as advisor is to focus on the portfolio actions that can be controlled, and will add value to RoseCap clients with certainty. These include: Minimizing Taxes Minimizing Fees Managing Risk As a CPA owned firm that provides portfolio management, RoseCap places great emphasis on the tax efficiency of client

Tax & Accounting Services

Tax Services Providing tax services is not just about preparing tax returns. Our job is to help you minimize your taxes by thoroughly reviewing your financial situation and taking action before your return is filed. We perform tax planning meetings with clients toward the end of the tax year to make sure we have a solid plan in place that will not just minimize current year taxes, but also reduce

Retirement Plans

Employer Sponsored Plans RoseCap Financial specializes in providing retirement plans to the businesses that employ the hard working people who make our community work. As an independent Registered investment Advisor, we provide plan design, onsite employee education, and investment advisory services to businesses of all shapes and sizes. At RoseCap Financial we stand with you as fiduciary for the plan and do our best to provide high level services for